The controversial My Advertising Pays. 
But first some facts Advertising online is one of the top industry making all the money out there those days. No company can survive without having online Advertising. Either you go on Google (Adwords) or facebook or any other media those companies are cashing out on your business big time.
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My Advertising Pays is an advertising company that allows people to purchase advertising packs, or credit packs (traffic) for your business and have  a share of profit .
From my own experience and from the experience of others, the CTR (click-thru-rates) of this traffic is between 7%-20% percent.You earn money with the daily company profit shares, which refresh 72 times every day. However, to qualify for the daily profit share, you must click on 10 ads each day which takes you less than 6 min.
Each credit pack purchase will earn you approximately 1.5%-2% each day. Because of this, many people choose to repurchase their profit share earnings into more credit packs so they can leverage the power of compound interest.Each credit pack is $49.99, and expire approximately every 60 days, or whenever they appreciate to $60. You also earn 10% overrides on all of the credit pack purchases of everyone you personally refer.
you can withdraw your money any time you want. If something comes up and you need to cash out…go for it. No penalties.
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