Whether daily , weekly or every three months , the household returns regularly. You must clean and shine all on your way. To space the cleaning rendezvous, there is few things that could be done, yet there is no magical solution.

First simple idea , have wipes in strategic places :  sinks, toilets , work in the kitchen.
Have the reflex to clean small daily impurities.
Similarly , sponge after using your kitchen tools : hob , oven , microwave .
Fight against accumulation : dirty dishes , laundry ironing , dust . Small rapid and repeated actions take less time than the implementation of a major project .

Have good reflexes ... and inculcate them to your children and your husband. Teach them to wipe their feet before entering : opt for a synthetic mat , it can absorb up to 5L of water. Train them to put their clothes in the laundry basket , rather than leave their belongings lying around.
Rinse the tub with warm water immediately after each bath to remove residue ; A true dirt saver.

You want to keep your home clean, perfume it regularly . This is a good way not to fall into the " let go." So the program , scented sachets vacuum bags , air fresheners for dishwasher and fridge , scented candles, fragrances or paper Armenia. Also remember to apply a few drops of essential oils in humidifiers radiators.

You have 15 min before leaving in the morning? Take the opportunity to clean your closet , wash the oven rack , pick a sheer to wash . The household is much less tiring and boring that way.
Remember also to delegate . After all, you no longer the prerogative of the household ! Let your husband and children  get involved. And consider using " multi -purpose " products perfectly adapted to "amateurs" !

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