You might not be a big garlic lover but if you only knew it's health value, you might reconsider it. Here are some tips on garlic usage.

To heal your damaged , brittle and dull nails, rub them in the evening for a week with garlic.
In addition to this treatment , massage your nails with lemon and olive oil.
Thanks to its antiviral properties , raw garlic or as oil is an excellent natural remedy

Against warts.
Finely chop a clove of garlic and put the mash on the wart. Contain garlic in a compress. To renew until healed . It takes approximately 2-3 weeks.
You can also use one drop of garlic essential oil on the wart for 2 to 3 weeks .

Garlic helps cleanse the scalp , to fight against dandruff. Furthermore it promotes the vitality of the bulb and improves hair growth. You can even rub it on the scalp area with less hair to help with the hair growth.

To make a Fall-free hair oil mask , you can make a puree with 5 cloves of garlic , add 50 ml of olive oil. Let stand aside for 2 days.  Apply this mask for 30 minutes on your hair before washing it.

Acne is a skin inflammation . Antiseptic and antibacterial properties of garlic can prevent superinfection and accelerate healing in addition to medical treatment.
It is necessary to regularly eat garlic or make cures capsules.

Our grandmothers used to apply a puree of one garlic clove directly on the pimple and it used to be miraculous. Give it a go!

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