Does it ever happen to you to forget how much it is fun to relax? With the daily routines and the rush of life, we all tend to forget how important it is for all of us to relax from time to time. Relaxing and taking it easy, is the way to be able to carry on in life. Here are some suggestions that are free of charge. Enjoy them!

1. Watch TV series

Although excess of technology is not recommended in the bedroom ( do not make your mattress your second office!) It is of course allowed to enjoy a rainy afternoon  under the duvet watching a television series to relax !
2 . Taking care of yourself

Take a break from everyday life and indulge yourself in taking care of you and only you ! This moment of relaxation is ideal for taking the time to make a mask, hydrating yourself from head to toe , to get a home manicure and more.  Think only of you ! Today, you have the right to do as you wish!
3 . Have breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is romantic, pleasant , creative and above all : a great happiness that does not fit quite often ! Prepare all and enjoy it together with your lover in bed. On weekdays , adopt the quick version : take 5 minutes to drink together a coffee or smoothie under the sheets and wish yourselves a good day. And do not forget that this is not a happiness reserved for couples; children appreciate them too.

4. Playing with children

Everyone in pajamas ! We get together and we sit together in bed to enjoy the mattress of the master bedroom. The program? Board games, card games , reading stories , songs and why not a pillow fight for those on the move ? However, do not jump on the mattress if you want to prolong its life . In sum , regardless of the chosen activity , you will have a good time relaxing with family , being close to each other ! It’s called quality time.

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