To know what's your personality, you just need to look int your handbag and you will get an exact profile... Read it to discover who you are!

* The adept of BYOD bag (Bring Your Own Device) walks around with a compact home office suite and fully equipped (with tablet , charger, connection, etc. ) . That's good, but it's too heavy ... even for this multitasking lady.

* The concerned mom- walks around with bag full of toys and snacks such as Ficello and dried fruits. If this betrays her maternal concern , power of ten , the fact remains that it is not very useful at the office ...

* With an ant temperament, bursar follower of Paper Bag refuses to go without a bag full of samples, business cards, some discount store coupons ,, etc. . All would be helpful if it were not so often lost in your bag .

* The sentimental for its part, clinging to a Memory Bag, stuffed with talismans and amulets , ranging from pebble beach trinket lucky . Romantic, but not very useful and rather irrational , we must admit ...

* Keen coquetry (s), the lover of Beauty Bag confuses them with their bathroom , attic and a bazaar. Results: cosmetic contents of her bag (which exceeds the 20% standard ) is neighborly old crumpled Kleenex , makeup sponges and dirty crumbs .

* The same paradox affects follower of well-being and her health Pharma Bag, stuffed with lip balm , aspirin , antiseptic gels, condoms ( undrilled , hopefully ... ) and hand creams . In case of problems , you already know the address of the pharmacy .

* The glamorouslikes to walk around with a Sexy Bag, compact and concealing plate makeup , she may see one day crumble like so many illusions in the depths of the couch.

* Anticipating everything, including the impossible, the adept team of Double Bag is thus a huge bag in which she slips a smaller, concealing all essentials (keys, glasses, etc. . ) .

* Often sport and less concerned with design, amateur Appendix Bag rather chooses a big functional tote , where she packed the stuff needed for each daily activity : sneakers and water bottle ( for sports) , or iPod Book ( for transport) umbrella ( for walking) , nylon stockings ( for the office ), etc. . Practice? Yes ... but grueling and super bulky.

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