first watch this video about frozen with sand art.
Frozen has enjoyed world domination since it’s original release in the cinema. In the UK, it made £5.6 million in it's first three weeks. It's worth noting that it was up against some fierce competition and it pushed Hunger Games: Catching Fire off the number 1 spot.

What an amazing Movie. honestly I loved it. I give it 10 om 10 :)
the main song is really magical as well. this song became a global phenomenon. 
The Frozen soundtrack has moved more than a million copies...woow
However, what's most startling about 'Frozen's' recent forays into different facets of pop culture is that they're not just being produced by children, who the film is primarily aimed at, but grown adults, who really should know better, have also begun to replicate the film's antics.

Frozen made $396 million in the domestic market (USA and Canada) and then $67 million in the foreign market. This means that it was the first movie from Walt Disney Animation to beak $1 billion at the box office. With a production budget of $150 million, Frozen has been more than successful for Disney. It is hard to image that this movie nearly never happened.

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