Woman DURING Television interview in Brazil Woman Is robbed Mugged On Live TV Brazil Thief Tries To Snatch Gold Necklace Rio de Janeiro, A Brazilian woman has been mugged on live TV in Rio de Janeiro while giving an interview about the high crime rate in the area.
woman robbed during interview about crime Mugger Targets. The woman, whose name is not given, was complaining about the lack of police in broad daylight yesterday when a thief attempted to snatch her gold necklace.thief caught robbing live TV news station Portuguese, poor people don't blame them

While the would-be criminal did not get away with the jeweler, he did break the fragile gold chain in his attempt before fleeing across the road into oncoming traffic.

شاهد برازيلية تتعرض للسرقة أثناء مقابلة تلفزيونية عن السرقة

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