Well ! Here are some fascinating result of a scientific study that is just for you dear sirs ! There is  someserious evidence that women are biologically attracted to humour ... Enough of the infernal and interminable gym " chest- arm and leg days" , get quickly to the gentlemen comedy !

According to a U.S. study by doctors at Stanford School of Medicine, the brain of the woman would be more sensitive to humor than men . They concluded that by doing tests on children ( boys and girls) from 6 to 13 years: they had to watch funny videos ( gags , falls animals ... ) , positive videos ( dancing prowess , snowboarding ... ) , and neutral videos ( documentaries) .

The result was clear: as medical imaging , the emotional brain of girls was much more stimulated than boys to funny videos !

So gentlemen , what are you waiting for to join the school of humour?

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