We all have white vinegar at home, so it's time for us to discover it more.

Rooms : White vinegar refreshes and deodorizes mattresses, box springs and other curtains ... It safely cleans all your baby's toys . It is a product of edible maintenance , so this makes it the best cleaner for toys that often end up in the mouths of children.

Clean , computers and peripherals : Before you begin , disconnect your devices. Mix water and vinegar in equal parts. Dampen a clean cloth in this solution ( do not use with a sprayer ) , wring well and wipe your devices carefully.

Eliminate burned odors : place in each room to deodorize a bowl three-quarters full of white vinegar . After one day, the odors will be gone. .

Deodorize a sports bag : soak a slice of bread in vinegar , put it on a plate and leave it overnight in the malodorous space. The next morning , the smell will be gone.

Deodorize sink : In a bowl , mix water and vinegar in equal parts, pour the solution into a container or bag and freeze the ice . Once a week , put some of those pickled ice in the sink. Let melt , then rinse with cold water.

Clear traces of ballpoint pen on a painted wall : moisten them with pure vinegar until traces disappear.

Clean chrome and stainless steel: spray a little vinegar on the taps , then rub with a soft cloth to make them shine like never before .

Renovate a used carpet and tried : carpets and carpet brush with a broom dipped in a mixture of 4 liters of water and vinegar 25cl . No need to rinse . Allow to dry.

And what I found the most interesting is that if you rub your forehead with a moisten cloth with vinegar, your headache will go away :)

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