1) Prepare your hair for the new color
To prevent the aggressiveness of haircolour, it is of high importance to moisturize your hair with nourishing treatments. Then, to keep the protective sebum, avoid washing your hair 24 hours prior the color application.
2) Can not decide between two shades
Choose lighter. You will still be able to darken your hair with the next color. The reverse is not feasible or is much harder.
3) Carefully read the instructions
To become a diligent student you need to concentrate and read the instructions seriously and follow them to the letter to avoid any slippage . Don’t let the color set on your hair longer than necessary. This is essential for a successful color.
4) Arm yourself with the right tools
You put an old t -shirt and sacrificed a towel to protect your skin. Only remains to put your gloves and start the fun.
5) Coloring Step
Start by coloring the back of the head to prevent the front discolortion. If the color is unevenly distributed , reapply the product on the forgotten spots.
6) Pamper your hair
To maintains your color with special care, use shampoos and hair masks dedicated to colored hair. These treatments maintain hair shine , revive and extend the nuances shine of your color for a longer period of time.
7) Space your colorations
Whether you use a permanent or more ephemeral coloration , be sure to space your colorations.

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