To accelerate the growth of your nails, there is no miracle solution but some must-dos to help hout.

• Push the cuticles :

This is an important step , in effect pushing your cuticles you will clear the skin
hanging on your plate which slows the growth. So clearing it, you will facilitate the growth of the nail.

 • Growth accelerators.
They don’t really grow the nail faster but it helps keeping the nail healthy once it grows. This type of product is filled with necessary vitamins to the nail growth. I am not saying its magical but it does help.

There are several types of pushing cuticles :

- The sticks of boxwood or orange : it is the cheapest but the most aggressive , in fact the tip beveled wood is hard and can hurt cuticles if you are too abrupt . Furthermore, they quickly get damaged in the presence of oil or liquid .

- The plastic sticks with silicone tip : not very expensive , possibility of cleaning and disinfecting , the tip is soft silicone is not assaulting your cuticles , they are my favorite .

- The stainless steel cuticle stick : more expensive but usable for a  life time, the possibility of disinfecting and cleaning with alcohol without damaging it . They often have one end to push back cuticles and a bit " scalpel " to scrape off dead skin. I love this tool for removing dead skin that's great , but to push back the cuticles I find it too aggressive.

How to push back the cuticles ? Do not do it if your dry cuticles are hard and resistant :

- Easiest method : Soak your nails in 5min warm water to soften your cuticles and push .
- Moisturizing method : use the cuticle oil or nourishing them back.
- Radical method : Use an emollient product that softened cuticles and removes dead skin ( example : Blue Cross Cuticle Remover ) . Do not do it too often it is useless and it can soften your nails long term.

• Hydration and over again :

Hydration is a paramount and you can abuse it! By moisturizing your nails and your cuticles, they will be more hydrated and nourished so they will grow faster. To moisturize your cuticles , take your moisturizer , apply it to your nail and vigorously massage the cuticles with the fingertip to activate blood circulation , which activates the growth of your nails.

Moisturizers :

- Nourishing Hand / basal body : it is , but it is not ultra nourishing
- Nourishing oils (argan, castor , almond, olive , borage  )
- Special Cuticle oil perfumes to choose from, brush or pipette application.
- Cuticle Cream or very dry skin (elbows , feet)
- Butter Cuticle

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