Vitamins are considered to be an organic substances essential to our health , which is only found in food ( with the exception of vitamin D synthesized in the skin through the action of sunlight ) .

If you are told : "you look bad , so take vitamins !" ... In fact,  this could be considered  true. There is always a little chance you are actually vitamin deficient . Your diet normally covers the necessary intake of vitamins, but only in the case that your diet is well balanced ! If not, then you might need to consider taking some vitamine trough pills.

> Vitamin A: Is found in foods of animal origin , liver , among others. However , some plants, such as carrots , contain provitamin A ( carotene ) . These provitamin have the distinction of being transformed into vitamin A.
A deficiency of vitamin A can cause some blurred vision.

> Vitamin B1: Is involved in the breakdown of sugars . Whole grains , vegetables, pork , eggs are rich in vitamin B1.
A deficiency in vitamin B1 can cause polyneuropathy  or heart failure and neurological disorders.

> Vitamin B3 or PP : Also called niacin. It is involved in the breakdown of glucose . Meat and offal , fish , vegetables , some fruits are rich in vitamin PP .
Its deficiency can cause skin  problem and digestive or nervous problems.

> Vitamin B6 also known as pyridoxine. It is important for the synthesis of lipids and proteins such as hemoglobin . It is found in yeast, potatoes , salmon (and other fish as well) , nuts , liver, rice.
Its deficiency can cause skin problems , depression and problems related to your immune system .

> Vitamin B9 is folic acid which is involved in the metabolism of amino acids. It is found in the foie gras, cooked liver , egg yolk , watercress , walnuts , spinach or salad. Its deficiency can cause anemia or depression. For  women in their early pregnancy it can cause abnormal fetal development related to the nervous system. It is therefore advisable to ensure the adequate supply when contemplating pregnancy. Three months prior to conception, this vitamin should be taken to prepare your body.

> Vitamin C is the "top" of vitamins, all swear by it. Vitamin C is necessary for healthy blood vessels and muscles. It promotes the absorption of iron ( should be taken by anemic people). It also plays a role in eliminating toxins. It also has anti -oxidant properties , limiting the effect of free radicals. It is found in fruits and vegetables. Its deficiency causes a lot of fatigue, pain and deterioration of gums.

> Vitamin D : the calciferol . It is involved in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus . Essential for good bone quality . Unlike other vitamins that are found in food , vitamin D is synthesized in the skin under the action of sunlight .
In small children , a deficiency of vitamin D can cause rickets. It is therefore important to make sure vitamin D supplements is adminstered to young children deprived from the sun. Infant formulas are often supplemented with vitamin D.
The richest in vitamin D foods are fatty fish and extracted liver of certain fish oils, such as cod liver oil. And to a lesser degree : eggs, butter and liver. The elderly, but also younger that little sun exposure , have a significant risk of inadequate intake.

> Vitamin K: it is necessary for blood clotting , bleeding disorders but by vitamin K deficiency are exceptional. It is produced in the body by the intestinal bacteria and can be found in leafy vegetables such as spinach , cabbage and tomatoes.

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