Wear light colors .
The colors have a positive effect on the psyche and produce a relaxing effect. If you believe and trust the color therapists of this world , some colors like yellow, red and orange promote blood circulation and combat melancholy and apathy. Is that why they are called warm colors ?

Engage in any outdoors activity.
The outdoor activities are healthier than eating chocolate or light therapy. They produce an equivalent , but more lasting effect. Temperature differences between warm days and cold nights activate circulation. It is very useful to practice as an extended hiking activity. Endurance sports like jogging , biking and walking release endorphins that cause a feeling of euphoria and happiness.

Read a book .
In the fall , it was again time to read a book . An interesting book allows you to forget the everyday life and stimulates the mind and visual faculties. It sets your imagination on long drive.

Drink herbal tea by candlelight .
Drinking herbal tea by candlelight warms the body and soul. The yellow light of the flame triggers biological processes in the skin and the brain : this color stimulates metabolism , soothes and encourages reflection . So if you need sometime with yourself, this could be your ticket.

Expose yourself to sunlight at least one hour per day.
Sun is total magic! During the winter , enjoy every opportunity to expose yourself to natural daylight : for example, go for a walk on the dinner hour , when the light is most intense.  During summer, take your breaks and lunch to breath fresh air from outside. Don’t always sit on your desk!

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