When Hayden Carlo was stopped for an expired registration, he was blown away with the treatment he received from the police officer. You won’t hear of something like this happening everyday, this is just remarkable!
There are those, in the US, who are struggling to make just enough so that they are able to feed their families and this man was no exception. He was so low down on his luck that he couldn’t even afford to renew the registration of his car. His was an actual hand to mouth existence.Then one fine day he got pulled over by a cop for driving with an expired registration. He made no excuses to the police officer and told him that he could either pay his bills or feed his kids. Having heard the mans testimony the officer went on to write him a citation.When the man received the citation he saw that, folded into the citation, was a little bit of the one thing he needed the most. This is what most of us would really call doing justice to “to protect and serve”.

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