You dream of changing the color of your eyes permanently? No need for cosmetic lenses : An American surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Rosenthal, now offers a revolutionary technique to change the eye color permanently with an artificial iris implant ! Now authorized in the United States, this surgery takes only 15 minutes for each eye and is performed under local anesthesia. The method involves making a very accurate cut of 2.8mm in the cornea for the insertion of a silicone implant  which will cahange your eye color . Once done, it takes about 1 to 2 month to be fully recovered. 
This innovative project was developed at the Institute of New York Island Eye Surgicentre located in Long Island. The results seem conclusive, as expressed in a Japanese patient, Mr. Chizu , after changing the color of his eyes.

Besides its use to change the color of the eyes, artificial iris implant can also be used to treat certain eye diseases such as heterochromia , a difference of pigment that causes a person to have eyes with different color. In some cases , the procedure can even be used to restore sight . For example, in 2011, it was used to treat Nathaniel Schull, 17, who had been partially blind since birth because he was born with congenital aniridia ( total absence of the iris ) . After treatment, she had a perfect vision. Although surgery is considered safe , some patients develop ocular infections, light sensitivity or inflammation in other complications . Artificial iris implants can however be easily removed if they cause problems.

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