The Cotton Ball Diet is exactly that: Eating cotton balls to feel full with a goal of losing weight.Facing constant societal pressure to be thin, some girls and women will go to extreme lengths to fit the unrealistic standards of beauty portrayed in the media. And the latest fad that some females are falling for is the so-called cotton ball diet, which can pose serious threats to health.It sounds dangerous, but a search online finds videos of young people doing it!

A report mentions how people dip the cotton balls in juice or even a smoothie, to make it absorb enough of the liquid. They eat about five of these 'soaked' cotton balls in a bid to try and satiate the appetite without actually consuming real food. The idea is that the balls fill the stomach and 'trick' the body into feeling satisfied, dong away with the need to eat any 'real' food According to the report, says models have been suspected of doing this diet to stay thin for several years now, but of late this has grabbed attention after it went mainstream, with young girls posting videos of their endeavors on a video sharing website. What is distressing is the videos are made by kids as young as nine!


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