Having been a hair virgin until relatively recently, I learned a lot form my first experience with bleach. And if you're thinking of going down the same path, there's a lot you might not know—but I think you should. Here, the most important things you need to know about what it's really like to bleach your hair:

Hair responds differently to bleach, but anytime you are open up the pores of your strands to let chemicals oxidize the color that’s in there, you can be sure whatever texture you once had will be no more. Most commonly, fine hair becomes rough and dry !What they don’t tell you? Bleached hair can also become straight, curly, frizzy, or insanely brittle and the texture can continue to change the more you wash it. Since bleaching rips your pores open, those holes can continue to leak out whatever is left every time you wash. So even if your natural curls are there the day of your bleach, they might be gone tomorrow, no matter how much oil you’re using.Bleach strips every last drop of moisture from your head, so, you’re now part of the “high maintenance” club. 

Remember when you forced every last drop of pigment on your head to become completely colorless? Turning that straw mop into human hair within an hour is nothing short of a miracle. Tack at least an extra half an hour to your getting-ready routine; otherwise, get used to being that person who always shows up late.Your makeup and your wardrobe look totally different now. 

Changing your hair color drastically alters your perceived complexion, and you might not match your wardrobe or any of your makeup. That statement lipstick you used to love might suddenly clash with your face, but on the bright side, black clothes will look so, so chic.Once you bleach, there is no going back.

Colorists will politely laugh in your face if you suggest dying your hair back to its natural color. The melanin you banished for those golden fairy locks? That color can never be fully added back. Bleaching keeps the pores on your strands wide open, so even when you do get close in color, each attempt at chocolate brown hair will wash down the drain the moment you step into the shower.The only real way to get back to your natural color, is, obviously, growing it out. Vitamins and supplements can help, but other than praying to the hair gods for faster growing hair. Lol

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