What causes hair loss?

March 16, 2014 - by Joey

Hair loss , whether complete or partial , may occur for different reasons.
Sometimes this hair loss is the result of an anomaly ... Sometimes it is a symptom of a disease or a cure by a specific medical drugs . It can also occur in response to treatment , whereas medicamentation provokes you an unexpected reaction.

Thyroid problems
The thyroid gland secretes hormones that are vital to the body , especially for the scalp. When these hormones are underproduction or overproduction, this can trigger disordered hair cycles and cause significant hair loss .

Postpartum hair loss
Postpartum hair loss, called postpartum alopecia , affects half of women. This is explained by the fact that pregnant women secrete hormones that make their shiny and thick hair . After delivery, the hair loses its strength. They become thinner, difficult to style and sometimes fall by handle. It is possible to apply a medicated lotion which will act on the root .

Medication the life of
Medications can have different effects on your scalp . In general , it can make your hair shorter .
The medication may also stop the development of hair suddenly. Finally, some drugs will cause shrinking of hair follicles, which will result in a refinement and progressive localized hair loss. Simply ask your doctor if you think there might be a link between your medical drugs and your sudden hair loss.

Different types of alopecia
Alopecia is the term used to encompass different types of hair loss , leaving the partially or totally bare skin. Baldness, affecting more men, is the most common form of alopecia.

Other types of alopecia include ringworm ( fungal infection of the scalp ) , alopecia areata , telogen effluvium the ( sudden drop ) and congenital alopecia ( hereditary) .

A large amount of stress ...
Emotional stress of bad news, illness, serious accident ... Stress and post- traumatic stress can cause you serious health problems and hair loss is also included . Take care of yourself in the smallest details !

Your diet , your differences !
Vitamins, essential nutrients , protein, your hair is also a result of what you eat .

If you follow a diet that is not balanced and varied , it is possible that dietary deficiencies caused by the diet cause hair loss. Poor nutrition equals dull and weak hair ...

Extreme care
Ponytails too tight, too many products in the hair, misuse flat iron , a dryer that diffuses air too hot ... When we take care of our hair too vigorously.

Autoimmune diseases that affect hair
Lupus and scleroderma are diseases related to the immune system . As an example , scleroderma affects the connective tissue and skin , and is characterized by a hardening of the skin that affects the hair follicles to the point of destruction.

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