Once in a while we all feel like cleaning up our closets .So If you’re confused about what to throw away in your closet, here is a list of some  fashion trends that need to disappear urgently  forever. If you have any of these items in your closet then you will certainly be the topic of discussion .Well , if you continue to wear these items out in public!!!

1/ Crocs
If you take a drive to your local Dollar Store , you will see a TON of crocs sitting on shelves priced a 99 cents a pair. If you have a pair or two, do yourself a favor and donate them to someone who doesn’t know any better.

2/ Pleated Pants
come on ladies! Really? Really? Why would you want to wear something that does not flatter your shape ...     AT ALL! You look very suspicious, I mean what are you hiding under there, weed? Cocaine? A midget? What? I know some girls will not agree with me but it doesn’t change the fact that that you look ridiculous and it adds inches to your hips and thighs. SOME can pull it off I won’t lie but do you want to take that chance? Hmm?
Unless your goal is to look 30 pounds heavier than you really are, ditch these pants forever.

We can sum this up in one word – “uggly”. Ok, they may not be that ugly because you probably spent a fortune on them. Too bad you can’t clean them when they get dirty.

4/Acid Wash Jeans
Unless you’re getting ready to go to a Bon Jovi or Huey Lewis and the News concert, it’s time to get rid of those Levi’s acid wash jeans. For those of you who didn’t get that reference, it simply means that you’re about to attend a concert in the 80′s or 90′s.

5/Sheer everything
sheer tops and sheer skirts, dresses with sheer sides (I hate these especially, where they can’t wear any underwear *shudders*. A little shift of fabric and say hello to everyone seeing your lady bits). I know for the boys it’s enjoyable to see these clothes but I think it’s a little ‘not classy’ if I should say. Its tasteful when you wear a sheer top with something underneath of course but to pair it with a sheer bottom…mehn… that’s just a no no, looking like a 60 year old stripper who refuses to retire… nobody wants to see that and all your business.


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