cleans and moisturized regularly .

No foundation can hold a whole day on a dehydrated skin. Whatever your skin type, you can not claim a peach complexion without applying a moisturizer.

Moisturize before laying the foundation

The moisturizer is required for the preparation of dry skin complexion without which it would present asperities . Oily skin , however , require only light hydrating fluid . This will facilitates the application of the foundation by dragging on the skin , providing a unified sprawl. Evening makeup , subjected to heat interior and lights, prefer moisturizers that set the colors and ensure their dullness throughout the evening .

The sponge tool makeup pros

Applied with a sponge the foundation comes into its own . Its application will be done with a damp sponge. Simply stretch the foundation from the interior of the face outwards for a clear complexion. Dab the sponge on the face to obtain a finite covering . Unified by a slight smoothing end application , although dense , the foundation will remain very natural. Apply some foundation with some small touches on the forehead , cheeks, chin, eyebrows , eyes and neck. The eye requires a background of lighter complexion that is placed gently by massaging the skin.

The latex foam sponges are most practical . They are always used wet. The triangle sponge is better suited for eye makeup.

Gestures that make the difference


There is nothing more than ugly foundation lines. A simple buffering sponge can be used to connect and fade the lines . Remember to remove the hair root, between the face and the neck, sides of the nose and the corners of the mouth. Do not forget to touch the nose and mouth wrinkles , external corners of the eyes and the corners of the mouth.


Transparent or invisible powder sets makeup without altering the colors and uses several times a day . It is applied with a velvet puff all over the face with a focus on internal and external corners of the upper eyelids eyes , the root of the upper and lower eyelashes , the nose and the corners of the mouth .


This method of fixing is only possible with compact foundation funds and provides a long-lasting makeup . After applying the powder and removed the excess with a brush , spray a cloud of water spray on the face.

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