If makeup is a matter of light and contrast , it is also and above all a master of color and more specifically the color wheel.

This technique is serious, and the greatest makeup artist perfectly master the color wheel , which allows them to handle absolutely any default.
To mimic the pros in your living hands, simply choose the corrector with the complementary color which alone will be able to neutralize your dark circles :

 - If your dark circles are bluish : the complementary color is slightly pinkish beige apricot .

 - If your dark circles tend to pull purple : the complementary color is yellow. So choose a yellow-beige concealer ("butter" color)

 - If your dark circles is more of a red color: choose a green marker.

 - Finally, if you have a dark skin black with dark circles , an orange corrector will clear the area around the eye and catch the light in your eyes.

Once you have found the perfect concealer for you, it will do more to find your concealer . It must be the color of your skin (not two shades lighter as is often recommended) . The concealer is simply unify the region in order to blend with the rest of your face . Guaranteed anti-fatigue effect. Try it out!

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