Coconut oil as a treasure full of features. You will never regret discovering it! You can use it for many reasons and some of them are listed below.

moisturizing mask

Simply apply the oil on your face and neck. Keep it for 20 minutes then rinse it off with water. Coconut oil fight against wrinkles thanks to its anti -aging properties .

A kind of make-up base

Whenever I put foundation on my face, the skin of my nose gets all sweaty . How to avoid a clammy skin ? For oily skin , apply generously coconut oil on a clean face , wait 5-7 minutes, wash it off with warm water (only) then dry with a towel to remove traces of oil. Then apply the foundation.

For dry skin , apply a small drop of oil on a clean face (or those parts that become moist) and apply over your foundation. After these quick little tricks , the foundation looks great on the skin without leaving parts moist.


Apply the oil on your skin and remove with a clean towel is a natural way to remove all the layers of dirt and pollution accumulated during the day . It even works on the waterproof mascara ! It also lengthen your lashes and reduce small lines and wrinkles around your eyes . Seriously, try it!

To refresh makeup

Nothing better refreshes a tired face as this  little illuminator, but you do not need to buy expensive products to get the same effect. Simply press a small amount of oil on your cheekbones to enhance your makeup and brighten your skin. The trick is not to rub on your face. For a portable option , sit Balm Body & Lips made of virgin coconut oil.

Hair mask

When your lashes look more like the loofah than silk, massage warm oil on dry and unwashed hair , cover with a shower cap and let stand 1 hour (better keep it overnight) then wash with your regular shampoo. If you regularly use as a Treatment for Hair Hot Oil, you will have a magical result !

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