Baby saved on a highway!

February 27, 2014 - by June

Pamela Rauseo, 37 years , has become a real hero in Florida ( USA) , after saving the life of her five months nephew by providing him mouth-to - mouth on the edge of a busy highway.

Thank God, the story ends well , but could have been dramatic. Pamela Rauseo , a young designer from Miami by was driving her 5 months nephew, Sebastian , born prematurely and suffering from a respiratory infection . While the child was crying for several minutes , the young woman suddenly finds that he had stopped screaming , not breathing, and his face turned blue .

Panicked , she then stopped on the edge of the highway to provide the first aid to the boy . Fortunately , the young woman followed few years ago a training first aid course for newborns , and therefore knows the right thing.
Her reflexes and courage will do the rest .

A photographer on this site immortalizes the scene of Pamela Rausea bringing her nephew back to life. "I did not have a choice , I could not fail, I had tosavel this baby " has she said after the event, adding that encouragement from people at the scene helped her manage the situation: " I was completely distraught . They calmed me down and told me that I could do  it. "

But seconds after regaining his breath , the baby suffocates again, and Pamela Rausea gave him a second mouth-to-mouth as a police officer makes a heart massage. Sebastian then regains consciousness . Help arrives , to take the baby to the hospital where he is still under observation , but in a " stable condition " according to the doctors . " Cases like this can happen every day ," said the pediatrician in charge of the child , Dr. Juan Solano, inviting people to be trained in first aid. Pamela Rausea , which has received many messages of congratulations for her reaction , said she will soon remake an internship to upgrade : "I have received tons of messages from strangers who told me that thanks to me they would also follow the first aid course .

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