Do not sleep on the first night
Even if you're dying to drag yourself under the covers with him , resist ! At least the first night. It seems old-fashioned, but do the test . There is a safe bet that the beautiful Jules die of envy to see you again after the first appointment.

Above all, do not tell him your life at the first appointment. We must make introductions , but keep yourself some privacy. It is a basic. Don’t forget to let him talk about himself as well. If your meetings are summarized in a monologue , be sure he does not want to see you again.

Get out of your comfort zone
History of abandoning your patterns , go different from those that have led to failures. Enjoy a drink in bars  or coffee shop that you do not know , eat in restaurants outside your neighbourhood, sign up for dance classes , sports excursions ... In short, get out of your routine!
Offer to share the bill on the first night out, don’t let him think that you are one of the girls who use men as a ATM machine.

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