How come ,The Wolf of Wall Street is doing great—it led the holiday box office with $10 million on Christmas Day!
at the same time it earned a C rating on CinemaScore, meaning audiences liked it less than everything else currently in theaters, including Walking With Dinosaurs !!

Martin Scorsese unleashed his latest, The Wolf of Wall Street, on unsuspecting audience members Christmas Day.
It turned out to be an unusual film with which to commemorate the birth of baby Jesus!
Sex, drugs, sex, violence, butt candles, sex, midgets, sex and more sex crammed each frame of Scorsese’s depiction of financial corruption and excess. Critics fawned.

First Christmas Was the Wrong Date !!

Not that Hollywood hasn’t released counter programming on the most joyous holiday of the year.
Just last season, audiences were invited to Tom Hooper’s "Les Miserables," a depressing musical march through several individual hardships that at least had the backing of a famous stage show in its corner.

I’m guessing that audiences looking for something different this Christmas season were shocked (and possibly appalled) by the gratuitous nature of The wolf of walstreet . It recently caught an Academy member by surprise.

Personally, I was prepared for extreme levels of debauchery in "Wolf," and was still taken aback by the amount of profanity in the director’s theatrical cut. Not that I’m a prude. Sex, violence, drug use and debauchery have a place when they are helping to make a point in a movie.
Also,We never learn anything and things don't change," "Wolf of Wall Street" screenwriter Terence Winter told Los Angeles Times writer Mark Olsen when asked what the movie has to say about today. That's not the kind of message people want to hear, of course, and it's part of the reason why "The Wolf of Wall Street" received a C-grade from Cinemascore, a service that polls theater patrons during opening weekend. Yet that's the film Scorsese made, because that's this story. Just like "Zero Dark Thirty," the last major film to have some audiences questioning its intentions, was bigger than its depiction of torture, "The Wolf of Wall Street" is bigger than Jordan Belfort, a con man who wanted to be rich and achieved that goal.

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