Her status as one of the planets biggest popstars means her video budgets probably give her a lot to play with - and Katy Perry sure knows how to spend it.
The popstar has debuted the visuals for her latest single 'Dark Horse'; a clip which sees her in role as Katy-Patra; a faux Ancient Egyptian queen being visited by a load of suitors and obliterating those who don't take her fancy.

Surrounded by blue guards in either an homage to “Avatar” or her “Smurfs” past, she dismisses a suitor who tempts her with jewels by turning him to salt, but she salivates for the man who brings her Cheetos before exacting revenge for bringing her the flaming Cheetos  that burn her mouth.

It’s a fun, colorful video, especially the low-riding chariot with the dangling dice that appears during Juicy J’s rap. And it's much better than her spooky performance of the song at the Grammys last month.

Perry excels at making high concept and high budget clips that allow her to play dress-up, but they almost always have an humorous tone, letting us know she’s taking none of this too seriously. Add “Dark Horse” to that list.

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