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Hellow guys, please meet Sonny, the 70 years old body builder!! What is unique about Sonny is, not that he spent his entire life at the gym, he actually started when he was 44 years old, yep .. you got that right, when he was 44 years old. 

He is hitting the gym for 27 years now, he just came out of bad marriage, and to relieve his stress, he started hitting the gym. When he started, he knew nothing about working out, he knew nothing about lifting weights. What started as a ventilation to his stress, ended up with Sonny competing in 2 bodybuilding competitions, to win 3rd and 4th positions! 2 trophies at his age .. this man deserve all the respect. 

People have a misconception that age makes you old! But Sonny realized age is just a number! 
I hope you enjoy the video! 

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