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February 16, 2014 - by Violetta

For young girls, it is a game for boxers, this is the best way to lose weight while increasing muscle power. Maybe you didn’t know, but jumping the rope is indeed one of the most amazing exercise. Discover great facts  you did not know about this activity, and as many reasons to get started with it.

It involves all muscles of the body, the rope jump is considered one of the most beneficial exercise. It is not a coincidence that it is an integral part of the training of elite athletes , runners boxers , through the basketball and many more.

Jumping rope is done in increments of 2 to 3 minutes for the less energetic to a maximum of 15 minutes. Between each series rest about 20 seconds to allow the body to get used to repetitive impacts.

It is also advisable for the less initiated to jump twice each time the rope to find a rhythm and balance . For others, the weighted ankle substantially increase the difficulty. It is also possible to complicate the exercise just a bit.

Did you know that 15 minutes skipping rope have the same health effects as 30 minutes of jogging, 45 minutes or an hour ski volleyball .

Needless to say, during a session of rope jumping, legs are heavily loaded . Result: calves are refined and thighs become more muscular . Besides the legs, this activity also uses the upper body.  However, the permanent contraction of these muscles is just as effective as a crunch on the ground.

The arms should remain relatively immobile and away from the body . Only wrists participate in the rotation of the rope.!

In addition to its effect on muscle mass, practice jumping rope improves physical abilities. It indeed offers better balance and a more beautiful posture. It also improves coordination , timing and agility, and increases endurance.

Practiced regularly , jumping rope brings , and very quickly , surprising results. As part of a plan, three 15-minute sessions per week ( combined with a healthy balanced diet ) bear fruit in less than two months. In your opinion, why did they boxers use jumping rope to lose weight quickly when approaching a fight?

At the office, weekend , holiday, jumping rope can be taken anywhere . Lightweight and discreet, it slips easily into a handbag or suitcase . Similarly, the jump rope requires little space and can be practiced anywhere and on top of all this, it doesn’t cost an arm.

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