Think you're a master dieter? T
hese common weight-loss mistakes can ruin even the most disciplined action plan and you might not even be aware you're making them. If you're eating healthy and working out and wondering why you're still not at your goal weight, these common diet destroyers could be to blame.

Office Cake Guilt
OK, so you craved and had a piece of the red velvet cake in the conference room? The biggest mistake isn't the calories you just consumed—it's giving up on your diet as a result of one bad decision. "Putting pressure on yourself to do everything exactly as planned is unrealistic," says nutritionist
"Don't let one mistake snowball into a whole day, week, month, or even year of unhealthy eating." So Eat healthy 90 percent of the time and cheat 10 percent of the time. This way, you don't feel like one unhealthy meal has to ruin everything .

Skipping Breakfast
There's nothing sweeter than hitting snooze, but studies show that eating within an hour of waking up jump-starts your metabolism and prevents overeating later. If you tend to crave a big lunch as a result of not eating in the morning,nutritionist recommends a healthy, protein-rich breakfast to keep hunger controlled: Try an egg-white omelet or nonfat Greek yogurt with a banana.

Mindless Eating

"Eating amnesia" is the act of unknowingly putting hand to mouth, usually from a bag or box in front of the television, while reading a book. It can also happen at happy hour, or when you finish the last few bites on your child's plate.

Consider the calories in small portions of some of our favorite snacks, and see how quickly they can add up when portions are multiplied:
12 peanut M&Ms: 125 calories
3 Hershey kisses: 75 calories
3 Oreo cookies:160 calories
15 tortilla chips: 142 calories
 20 potato chips: 162 calories

And how can you kick the mindless eating habit?
"First, try to get out of the habit of always eating something while you are sitting and relaxing," says Gidus. "Try a cup of tea, glass of water, or chew a piece of sugarless gum. If you want a snack, portion it out of the bag or container."

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