A Canadian woman, clinically dead since late December gave birth this weekend to a boy by c-section before being disconnected from the machines that maintained her alive.

"On Saturday evening, my amazing and wonderful son Iver Cohen Benson was born (...) . On Sunday we had to unfortunately say goodbye to the most wonderful and courageous woman I 've ever met , "wrote Dylan Benson, Robyn’s husband, Monday night on his blog and Facebook page.

The case of this family was triggering a lot of emotions through the canadian community and spread a wave of solidarity which was manifested at the beginning of this month when the Canadian 32 years old decided to publicize his situation and launched a call out for donations on his blog.

He explained that his wife Robyn Benson, the same age as him , had suffered a brain hemorrhage on Dec. 21 when she was 22 weeks pregnant . This young woman was then alive with the support of the intensive care unit of the Victoria hospital in British Columbia.

Originally, the doctors wanted to maintain Robyn Benson’s vital functions until the 34th week of pregnancy but the baby was born Saturday night after 28 weeks of gestation.

Dylan Benson posted a photo which can be seen in intensive care ward with the frail infant in his arms. In this last post titled " immensely sad but incredibly proud," he announced both the birth of his son and the death of his wife.

Stories like this one keeps proving to us how life is such a great fragile matter!

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