Are you looking for the exact location of the fountain of youth , discover the right way to keep a fresh, younger skin! If you are looking forward on preventing skin aging signs, follow these golden rules.

1 - Start Early
At 40, we all dream of finding the skin of our 20 years. Prevention is better than cure, from 20 to 25 years , we offer a carefully adapted care to the area most prone to early wrinkles face : the eye contour . If it is a little late, do not panic, some cremes are specially designed for women  of 40 and older , offers targeted treatments to address the signs of aging.

2 - Protect yourself from the sun
Enemy number one to your skin : the Sun! And because its UVA and UVB penetrating into the skin , causing lesions inside the cells , damaging the collagen fibres and elastin and thereby generating a phenomenon of photoaging ( premature aging skin ) . To cope with its own inconveniences , get yourself a sunscreen for your skin type (eg SPF 50 for fair skin , 30 for dark-skinned brunettes and 20 for black skins), re- apply both the product and avoid exposure between 12 and 16h hours.

3 -Wipe clean your face daily
Every morning , start by removing it with a tonic or water to remove small impurities that dull the complexion : a simple and effective way to prepare the skin for serum and day cream . However, in the evening , do a cleansing in the rules of art (with milk if your skin is dry and a foaming gel if it is fattier ), followed by a tonic to remove the last residues of make- up .
Thus, your skin will be perfectly " cleaned". Anti- wrinkle cream will be even more effective.

4 - Look after your diet
If you know how to choose the ad hoc food, you will be set for life! On the menu: five fruits and vegetables per day obviously , but also opts for rich in anti -oxidants ( raspberry , green tea, apricots, cherries, artichokes , beets , cabbage, avocado, tomatoes etc. . ) And omega 3 (salmon , olive oil and nuts , tuna, spinach etc . ) . Result: a more youthful skin and a diet also significantly more balanced !

5 - Moisturize your skin copiously
First step to avoid early wrinkles : hydrate at high dose. Choose according to your skin type of course ( for nourishing dry skin mattifying for more combination to oily ) and consider using a complementary care for the danger zone of the eye contour . Thinner and therefore more fragile, the skin is particularly vulnerable and it is often here that appear first are dehydration lines . Choose a fluid formula and apply morning and evening , well above the level of the eyebrow and then following the orbit of the eye.

6 - Sleep well
This is proved, among women, poor sleep accelerates the aging of the skin. According to a dermatological study conducted in the United States , there is a close relationship between sleep and health of the skin. A good quality sleep gives the skin a better self- repair and recovery with different stress it can undergo.

7 - Choose the right anti-wrinkle cream
Of all the creams on the market , difficult to make a choice. The essential ingredients : antioxidants (vitamins C , E or selenium for example) , which protect the skin from external aggressions such as pollution or UV . Fruit acids , they are used to give a glow to the skin through the peeling effect they produce and the stimulation of collagen production they allow.

8 - Massage your
Nothing like a facial massage to diminish fine lines and smooth wrinkles. Used smoothly during application of the cream , it boosts efficiency.
- To combat the bridle , draw with your finger small circles around the eyes.
- To blur the horizontal forehead wrinkles , perform repeated the center of the forehead to the temple movement.

9 - Drink enough
One liter of water per day , no less! A simple, practical and economical way to forget gray complexion and skin prematurely wrinkled, and display a cool skin all year round ...

10 - Make Love
And yes ! A study exposed to the British Psychological Society , led by David Weeks , a neuropsychologist at Edinburgh hospital showed that sports and sex are two key revenue for the younger. In fact, regular physical activity and have 3 (that is accurate) sex per week can get you to look between 7 and 12 years younger than her actual age.

11 - Protect yourself
Pollution , alcohol , tobacco, are bad for the skin. It can never be repeated enough , having a healthy lifestyle is the key to many problems !

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