There is no miracle cure, but several treatments that are targeted to the type of cellulite you have, combined and followed by a healthy lifestyle ( low-fat diet, regular physical activity ...) , produce results .

Here are the main treatments for losing cellulite :

- Mechanical treatments .
Endermologie , or Cellu M6 is a rolling massage done by a machine. This consists of entering a fold of skin and it imparting a particular wave in order to boost cellular exchanges, accelerate the elimination of waste and fat back into circulation. The lymphatic drainage pressure therapy is performed by a specific machine convection gradually swells upwards a pair of boots covering the feet of the lower limbs to the thighs .

- Medical and surgical treatments.
Mesotherapy involves injecting subcutaneously products that act on cellulite. Performed under anaesthesia , liposuction is to remove the excess fat under the skin, this should then enhance your skin appearance.

- Electrotherapy and ultrasonolipolyse .
The methods, currently in development, consist of using electric currents , ultrasound or infrared , applied through electrodes placed on the areas to be treated where the devices are in direct contact with your skin . They are supposed to have the effect of increasing the temperature of the target tissue in order to increase cell permeability.

- Creams .
Combining draining active ingredients to fight against water retention and relieve tissue , fat burners (caffeine) and smoothing , they reduce the number and volume of fat cells and improve skin appearance .

- Hydrotherapy .
Lymphatic aquadrainage is a specific gym exercised in water. Its objective is to strengthen the postural muscles whose action on venous return is 4 times higher than the superficial muscles . The hydromassage baths and showers aim , following the muscle paths , stimulate venous and lymphatic return.

- Dietary supplements .
Some assets are indicated in the treatment of cellulite : the drainers, to flush waste and decongest tissues and the burners to activate the combustion and disposal of fats.

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