Pressure points are clusters of nerves located at various points on the body, which help regulate blood circulation. Headaches -- especially those brought on by anxiety, the common cold or menstruation ,are caused by a tightness and stiffness in the neck and face muscles that inhibit blood circulation. Stimulating the pressure points by massaging them will help relax the tight muscles and increase blood circulation.
Finding pressure points on your head and face can help with all sorts of pain and ailments. Your head and face are crammed with sensitive nerves. They surround your skull that houses your most important organ, the brain !

1.start at the temples. These are the flat surfaces of the skull to the side of both eyes. Press the point on the side of your head about a half an inch back of the end of your eyebrow. Press both temples simultaneously in a circular motion.

2.Move your fingers inward along your eyebrows. Press the points where your eyebrows end on the inside. These pressure points should be about a half an inch apart just above the bridge of your nose.

3.Place a finger directly between your eyes. Move it straight up your forehead until your reach your hairline. If you are a man with a receding hairline, stop where your hairline used to be. Press the point at the top of your forehead.

4.Trace your fingers outward along your hairline. Press the points all along the border between your hair and your forehead. There are pressure points across this line down to the temples. Alternate working your fingers in a circular motion and pulling them across your head with constant pressure.

5.Place your fingers at the corners of your eyes. Draw they straight back until they hit your ears. Press the points in the gap just above the end of your cheek bones. Apply pressure in a circular motion.

I'm not kidding. I just felt my nose open up andddd had instant, (temporary) relief of my migraine by squeezing in between my thumb and index finger. I think last time I tried I didn't do it in the right spot. I think I can survive the rest of the workday now. Yes!

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