Top 4 places to retire !

February 07, 2014 - by millio

The baby boomer generation is slowly approaching the age of retirement, but for retirees who cringe at the idea of local retirement communities, shovelling snow and watching television to pass time – travelling abroad could be a great alternative.Then If you're approaching retirement age, you may be faced with the tough decision as to where you’d like to live out your golden years. As you downsize and pull together your plans, take a look at the top 10 places to retire in Canada, according to the most recent data from Statistics Canada !

1.Panama :
quickly becoming known as the number one retirement destination in the world for retirees who want to leave their home countries. The country has even introduced a retiree visa to attract these individuals. Along with the visa comes a retiree benefits program that includes many discounts for items such as hydro, electricity, medical services, dental and eye exams, public transportation, as well as recreation and entertainment activities.

2.Turks & Caicos :
Sun. Sand. Beaches. This is the tropical destination for couples who spent most of their vacations enjoying the Caribbean islands and all they have to offer. What’s even better? Your grandkids will have no problems with the idea of spending their summers with you. When it comes to taxes, Turks & Caicos has no incomes taxes, property taxes or capital gains taxes.

For a couple looking to live out their retirement in luxury, Monaco should be your destination of choice. Known as a “tax haven” for wealthy individuals (there are no income taxes), Monaco is a great way to enjoy all that money you’ve been saving for all those years. Saving is the key word, as Monaco’s cost of living is really only affordable for those who will be receiving a sufficient pension.

Florida is a typical choice, but still a good choice. With a strong Canadian dollar, housing prices and cost of living in Florida have become very reasonable. There are also no income taxes in the state and retirees can expect lots of visitors as it’s a short four hour flight from Toronto.

The answer to where is the best place to live in part depends on how wealthy you are.  there are some absolutely amazing places to live if money is no object  like Central London, The Marais in Paris , Manhattan , Rome, Switzerland, Mallorca ,For pure fabulousness , food, culture, interesting landscapes, history, enlightened attitudes, Europe simply can't be beat.   If you are after a cheap white trash world, Central Florida probably tops the list!

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