Reports from Kennebunk, Maine, A14 yrs girl student received 2nd`-degree burns from the defective iPhone 5c which caught fire whilst it is at her pocket during her middle-school class. Above, is the remains from the green-colored iPhone 5c, that you can view, are damaged and no more operational.

The pant of the girl reportedly caught on fire from burning iPhone 5c, and was taken off from a student once she had done ‘stop, drop, and roll’ to try to smother the fire. 911 was phoned according to Morning Sentinel reports, and the girl was referred to the hospital where she was provided medical assistance following the episode.

As per Andrew Rosenstein, the master of a local Apple gadget repair center, the lithium-ion battery which powers the unit was possibly to fault:

There is basically a lithium-ion kind chargeable battery built-in (for an iPhone). The battery, while it charges or discharges, it is a really substance effect that may produce heat. It is unusual there might be a concern, but any power is simply chemical substance formation, which can be inflammable in intense conditions.
While rare, often there is the chance that a lithium-ion battery, within any gadget (not only Apple’s), may fail and even trigger one such dérangement.

The girl was ok and discharge from the hospital following the medical care and was motivated to go home or even to join the school after 45 minutes medical attention.

Sources: Morning Sentinel via 9to5Mac

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