We are a young couple with 2 children . It has been our life long dream to adopt a child, but not just any child. we wanted to adopt an African ,latin american or Asian child. we were feeling that adopting a child from a developing country would be much more worthwhile. But we were very concerned that it would take a very long time to do this and how would we get the child into the the US once we have adopted him ?  Do we need any papers? What about our income? Would he/she need loads of health checks ...?

We spend months and months looking for informations in internet ,contacting  associations...i was thinking to open a discussion to talk about this subject  and share informations that might helps each other big hearts , and amazing parents who are planing to Adopt Orphans and give them better life !

Please just don't forget that Kids have histories before they are even born. If you do go ahead with this, please remember that. Remember the child's history and make sure they remember it. Don't cut them off from their past.
Adoption is not supposed to be a charitable thing. Its not supposed to make yourself feel good about it.
If you want a child, adoption is a good option, but don't consider it a charity cases.

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