How to stay in love?

February 01, 2014 - by Sophia

 After falling in love and a long time after the passion has calmed down, some couples might find it difficult to stay in love while living life as they are still dating. Now it’s very important to know how to keep the flame alive while maintaining a healthy love life despite the  daily routine? Here are ome advises that might help you out, from my end, they all managed to save my couple. Best of luck to all of you!

1 . Review your definition of the word love!
To love is to be able to consider that the needs of others are as important as your own needs. Which means that in everything you do or decide to take account of, you consider your feelings, but also your lover’s feeling.

2 . Practice the "our way"
Yes, you are now in a couple. There is no such thing as my or your way. Now it’s simply called, “our” way. It’s a way of making a happy compromise, which is to find a way to accommodate both "your" way and "his" way. Choose the closest possible way to the two positions. It’s all about  practising the art of negotiation, taking into account two points of view.

3 . Express your needs
Expressing your needs is a huge must ... how can your spouse meet your relational needs if you do not express them. Guessing might turn out to be a boring game after all. You need his presence? Want to receive more affection ? You want him to be more involved in that specific aspect of your life? You want something? Do not wait until he guesses your thoughts and please, do your best to drop the " subtle messages ". Be straight forward and make sure you choose the right time!

4 . " Romance and sex" are always set on your calendar
If you have children, a romantic date with your spouse is a must. It must be provided and included in your agendas, otherwise , you may not take enough time for your couple. Its frequency can be once a week or more , but at least twice a month. Don’t let all the obstacles of life get in your way. And if you don’t have kids, then you have no excuse to spend some quality time without having to worry about getting a babysitter.

5 . Acknowledge your mistakes and repair
We all know that nothing is perfect in this world, not even your couple. Everyone can make missteps, hurt each other , disappoint . The important thing is to recognize and admit your mistakes and , most importantly, repair ,  avoid repetition.

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