The most humorous table-tennis match ever, Chuang Chih-Yuan Vs Jean-Michel Saive,Trận đấu hài hước nhất trong lịch sử bóng bàn,
Jean-Michel Saive
Born in Liège in a table tennis playing family, Saive was predestined to become a very good table tennis player and began playing as a small boy. His father was the tenth ranking Belgian player and his mother won the Belgian ladies' doubles championships when she was pregnant with him.At the age of thirteen Saive was the fourth ranking Belgian player and joined the national team. In 1985 he was ranked best player in Belgium, a place which he has kept until today (2011) without interruption. In 1994 he made it to world number one for 515 days (from 9 February 1994 to 8 June 1995 and from 26 March 1996 to 24 April 1996).
Chuang Chih-Yuan
Chuang's parents were both table tennis players in Taiwan. His father was a national doubles champion, and his mother Li Kuei-Mei was a member of the national team. After Li's career as a player, her son, Chih-Yuan, became one of her prodigies in table tennis.Chuang started competing in 1989, at the age of 8. From the age of 13 his mother sent him to China for training several times. Chuang first made it to the Taiwan national team in 1998. In 1999, Chuang made his World Championships and ITTF Pro Tour debut. At the end of 2000, his mother decided to let Chuang train in Europe, including France and Germany. The process made his matches a combination of the Chinese and European playing styles.

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