He might not have won a fifth consecutive Ballon d'Or, but he is the most expensive player in the world, according to the Bureau of Brazilian studies Pluri Consultoria , which is responsible for analyzing the market value of the 100 greatest football players worldwide .

Result , La Pulga , Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of € 30 million. The FC Barcelona striker has an estimated value of € 138.1 million . The 2013 Ballon d'Or Real Madrid in second place with 107.3 million euros at the counter.

Gareth Bale , whose transfer to Real Madrid had established a new record (100 million euros) completed the podium with an estimated value of € 71.3 million . As for Zlatan Ibrahimovic , the Swedish, does not even appear in the rankings.

I personally have always been and always will be a supporter of Celtic F.C....But as a football fan, Messi and this Barca team, bring a tear to the eye and a swell in the heart about how beautiful are their games. But my question here is about the amount of money they make out of football. A doctor who studies all his life and saves loves on daily basis is not even financially close to those famous players. Why are they making so much money?

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