We all know that sometimes our men seem to be annoyed and bored from us, but did you ever ask yourself why so? Here are some hints why!

1. What Are You Thinking About NOW?
Come on, we all asked this question at least once in our relationship. Really?! Why is it important for you to know his exact thought process right now? The whole question itself is simply ridiculous and aggravates the hell out of even the most calm and all-forgiving person. Let it go girls, let him think about whatever he feels like. Are you planning on controlling his thoughts?

2. No Culture
If a woman has a bad taste in clothing, uses swear words in conversations, has pitiable general knowledge, doesn’t care about self-development, never read a book and knows absolutely nothing about any subject in more depth – well hat’s just too bad. Men are generally uninterested with lightheaded and senseless girls. Develop, grow, be interested and be interesting as a person and a man will never be bored or irritated by a girl like this.

3-Jumps to conclusions
We have to admit it girls, we love jumping to conclusions to prove ourselves right!  But it tends to annoys men when we falsely adopt something that ends up leading to an argument. Play it safe women and have an open mind. This will save both of you from a headache.

Men are more comfortable in a relationship when they get some space and some privacy as they want to be free. Most women love keeping an eye on every move their man make but this is like making him feel that he’s in a cage. Who gave you the right to spy and always search for something incriminating? What’s up with this obsession? Understand that such behavior will just make him become more closed from you and the end result will be that he will stop trusting you. If you’ve ever tried to keep tabs on where your guy is, he hated it whether or not he told you, trust us! So, instead trust him and he’ll never let you down. Of course, if your partner has betrayed you in the past, you have all the right to keep an eye on him. But, there’s no harm in giving him a second chance. Keep in mind that he is with you, he loves you. This is what counts.

5. Don’t over react
This is incredible but women’s emotionality makes men absolutely mad. Unlike women, men are sure that broken nails or touching films are not a trouble at all. Males do not love their female partners burst into tears or fly into a rage on every trifle occasion. Men are easily irritated by excessive emotions women may express. Perhaps, stop for a moment and think “will I still be upset about this tomorrow and a week from now?”. If the answer is no then it is not worth spending your energy nor your tears on splashing out too many emotions on it.

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