Those pricy pumps may cost more than you think: They can actually change the shape of your body.Got a high heel habit? Fashionistas are long accustomed to living by the adage ‘No pain, no gain’ — but in addition to the aching feet and other common ailments, high heels can actually alter the shape of your body, according to a British study.
When standing in high-heeled shoes, posture changes so that the back is arched, the pelvis and chest are thrust forward, the buttocks sticks out, and the calf muscles tighten . When standing straight up without wearing heels, the body creates a 90 degree angle with the floor, which is a normal stance. If the body were a rigid column, putting on a pair of heels would force the entire body to tilt forward, and the angle made with the floor would decrease or, in other words, become acute. As heel height increases, this angle would decrease and give the body more slant. However, the body is not a rigid column, so in order to wear high-heels and maintain a normal stance, a series of joint adjustments is required . The body's adjustment to this change in angle creates the classic, curved high-heeled stance.

My aunt always wore heels for work, shopping, going to the grocery store - the only time I saw her wear flats was to Disneyland. By the time she was in her 40s, she had to have foot surgery. My mom (who's a doctor) took that opportunity to lecture pre-teen me at length about the Dangers of High Heels. I'm not even in my mid-30s and already many of my friends have bunions and foot pain - meanwhile I can walk all day in my converse sneakers (with orthopedic insoles, natch.) Thanks Mom!

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