Do you believe in ghosts?

January 19, 2014 - by Jason

Being kids, most of us have heard ghosts stories that terrorized us for a long time. After a certain time, everything fades away until the day you feel the presence of ghosts yourself.

I believe that each scary tale is based on a true story somewhere around the world, but when this somewhere becomes your home, what do you do? How do you face such things? Specially that most people won’t believe you.

In my case, I do believe in them. Sometimes, it is not easy to talk about them, because you can rarely pinpoint at one of them. In most cases, it’s a weird feeling that can’t really be explained.

When I was younger, sleeping in my room was impossible, but try to explain to your parents, at the age of 3 that someone is breathing in your face or  that you hear someone calling your name. I grew in the same room for years until the day that all of my fears were not only located in my room but everywhere I walked in this house. All it took for the ghost or spirits in this house is for me to be alone to start appearing in many forms.

I never really saw a face or a form but it was mainly sounds, lights, smells and heavy breaths. Going to the bathroom was a real challenge. I would feel something staring at me to the point that I couldn’t undress to go take a shower. Going to kitchen at night was sort of a race. I had to latterly run to get what I needed and run back to be with my parents. I would see shadows or something moving around me. It ever lasted long enough, but simply enough to freak me out.

At one point, I got comfortable with them. I mean, if I see one or hear one, I would freak out at first, but, after a while, I would ignore them. I tried so many times to speak to them, get answers to my questions, but all in vain, Thank God I never got an answer back ☺

What about you folks in here, do you have any real stories?

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