As most of us do, you will notice a difference in your hair’s health during winter time. Not because it’s winter you should neglect your hair. On the contrary, winter is an extra reason for you to take extra care of your hair. Here are some tips on how to do so.

1) Skip a wash!
Cutting one shampoo could simply be so beneficial for your hair because it allows it to maintain some oils on the scalp. This oil is appreciated by your hair during winter months.

2) Treat your hair with some TLC
Your hair becomes more fragile during winter. Be soft to your hair and don’t pull on it.

3) Hair Mask and/or Treatment
It’s now time to make a deep moisturizing treatment or hair mask on weekly basis.

4) Water..water…and more water
Stay well hydrated so your body may produce flexible strands.

5) Eat healthy
Increase your intake of proteins, nuts, quinoa, antioxidants to build strong hair and repair the winter damage traces left on your hair..

6) Cold and hair
Blow dry your hair before going out in winter. If your hair is wet and freezes outside, most probably this will cause your hair to crack under the temperature pressure. Take and extra 5-10 minutes and blow-dry it.7) Avoid Hot Shower
Hot water is known to damage hair by splitting the tips of it.

7) Avoid hot showers
Hot water is known to damage hair by splitting the tips of it.

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