When marketers become genius
Have you seen this hilarious video that went viral? Yes, I am talking about the video that racked up over 4.8 million views in one day!!! It’s about a creepy animatronic baby which is known to be the “devil baby”. This remote controlled baby was touring around New-York city, giving people the tremor of their life by popping-up up out of an abandoned stroller to yell, puke, howl and even give the finger.

At the beginning, people had no idea what this was about, which made it scarier. It finally turns out that this was part a extremely genius marketing idea to promote the coming horror movie called Devil’s Due. The movie will come out this Friday, Jan. 17. Despite the fact that you like horror movies or not, you will most probably remember the name of this movie, search online, talk about it with your friends and possibly you will hit the movies to watch it. Here, the marketing goal has been reached two hands up. The one that came up with this idea deserves an applause!

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