Happiness is the key in deciding the best country to live !
People who are  happier, who have more satisfying lives, and who live in happy communities, are more healthy, productive, and socially connected. These benefits in turn flow more broadly to their families, workplaces, and communities, to the advantage of all.
So where on earth the happiest people are living? What could be the best place to live, work, grow your children and retire?
For the year 2014 Chile is considered the best country to live in.The secret is out about the opportunities in Chile. Two of the most renowned "escape artists", the Sovereign Man Simon Black and the Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick, both agree that Chile is the best country to escape to. Each is developing vast expat communities in Chile.
Chile maintains a lower cost of living than North America especially for rent and fresh food. Americans can get a tourist visa (good for 90 days) on entry to Chile for a cost of $160.  Residency requirements in Chile are relatively flexible by proving an income of between $500-$1000/month.Also Entrepreneurs can get residency by starting a business and foreigners can easily get a visa by working for a Chilean company.

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