In 1718 a wife of a British ambassador in Constantinople, called Lady Mary Wortley, wrote a letter expounding on the “Secret Language of Flowers” that she had discovered during her visits to Turkey. Europeans quickly picked up on the concept and Louise Cortambert, under the pen name, Madame Charlotte de la Tour, wrote and published what seems to have been the first dictionary of the flower language entitled, Le Language des Fleurs. It was a small book, but it became a popular reference on the subject.
During the Victorian era, the meaning and language of flowers became very popular.  Women especially choosed the silent language that allowed them to communicate feelings and meanings that the strict propriety of the times would not allow.

a Century later a whole book on the subject and entitled,  was published in London. It became popular and respected and has been the standard source.

Daffodil  :chivalry
Delphinium : boldness
Daisy : innocence
Freesia : spirited
Gardenia : joy
Geranium  :comfort
Ginger:  proud
Gladiolus : strength of character
Hibiscus  :delicate beauty
Holly  :domestic happiness
Hyacinth  :sincerity
Hydrangea  :perseverance
Iris:  inspiration
Ivy : fidelity
Jasmine : grace and elegance
Larkspur : beautiful spirit
Lavender : distrust
Lilac : first love
Day : enthusiasm
Stargazer : ambition
Lisianthus : calming
Magnolia:  dignity
Marigold : desire for riches
Nasturtium : patriotism
Orange Blossom : fertility
Orchid : delicate beauty
Pansy  loving thoughts
Passion: flower  passion
Peony : healing
Poppy : consolation
Ranunculus:  radiant
Rhododendron  :beware

Rose :
pink:  friendship
red  :passionate love
red & white:  unity
white : purity
yellow:  zealous
Snapdragon : presumptuous
Star of Bethlehem : hope
Stephanotis :  good luck
Statice  :success
Sunflower:  adoration
Sweetpea  :shyness
Tuberose:  pleasure

Tulip :
pink  :caring
purple  :royalty
red  :declaration of love
white : forgiveness
yellow : hopelessly in love
Violet : faithfulness
Wisteria:  steadfast
Yarrow:  good health
Zinnia : thoughts of friends

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