Are you tired of your yellow nails? Do you keep putting dark nail polish on them to cover the yellow color? Well, it's time for you to let them breath and treat the stains naturally. Use one of tricks bellow to see some great results. 

1. Baking Soda and Lemon Juice  – Squeeze one lemon into a small bowl and add to it one table spoon of baking soda. Mix them together until you get a nice grainy texture. Once done, you can then use toothbrush to scrub your nails with it. If you have some cuts near your nails or cuticles, you might want to wait until they are healed before using the lemon to prevent the pain that it may cause.

2. Baking Soda and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide – Mix both of them together until you get a pasty texture. Cover your nails with the paste and wrap your nails with some foil paper. Let the mixture sit on them for 3 minutes before rinsing it off with warm soapy water.

3. Baking soda and Whitening Toothpaste – Long ago I tried mixing some baking soda and crest whitening toothpaste to whiten the sleeves of my white shirt and to my big surprise, I notices my nails have become so whiter than ever.  It’s so easy and it definitely works! You can use a baby toothbrush to apply and brush the mix on your nails. Keep scrubbing for a good two minutes. If your nails are really yellow, it might take you several times to see a remarkable difference.

4. Base Coat – To prevent your nails from staining and from breaking, always use a base coat to protect them. Even if you are not going to apply any nail polish, you can always have a base coat. Never neglect your hands and your nails and always apply some moisturizer on them to keep them healthy.

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