Are you stressed?

January 10, 2014 - by Josephine

We often hear “I’m stressed”, or we personally use this term. We use to think that being stressed was only for the weak people, but lately, even the strongest personality and the toughest characters face stress at one point in their life.

The rhythm of our life became so busy, we are always on the run trying to reach the two ends together. The pressure that we feel on daily basis and the tension that we go through when everything seem to have become totally overwhelming. Being overloaded we tend to ask ourselves if we can really deal with the pressure put on us.

When we are stressed our body suffers from:
• High blood pressure
• Fast breathing
• Difficulty with digestion
• Rapid heart rate
• Slowing of our Immune system
• Tension of the muscles
• Always on alert state
• Difficulty sleeping
• Bad mood that affect us and our surrounding

Everything that poses a challenge or a danger to our well-being becomes a source stress. Some stresses are to be considered positive because they get you going, without any stress our lives would feel useless and aimless. However, in the case the stresses faced affect our physical and mental health they are considered harmful.

In other words, we can not avoid stress at all. As long as we are still living we will be having stress, because to a superior extent stress is essential for an extraordinary emerging creature.  The main problem is that we nose-dive to know how to deal with difficult situations.

The most important step, is to know the causes of our stress and find solutions to deal with them. In some cases, facing stress alone becomes impossible, in this case seeking external help becomes necessary. If you feel stressed, don’t think you’re the only one as it may feel so.

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