As a stay at home mom, I get to spend most of my day in the kitchen from which I experienced a lot of success and a lot of failure. I tried many things to help me save time, money and energy. Here are some of the tips I can give you out of my personal experience.

1-When cooking any type of pasta let it boil one minute less than the instructions on the box. Continue the cooking process in the sauce you’ll be using. In this case you will prevent your pasta from being to mushy.
2- If you have some fish smell, onion smell or garlic smell on your hands, rub it against a stainless steel sink or bole for 30 seconds to remove the odor.
3- If you are cooking for a special event, it’s not the time to try something new. Stick to what you know best.
4- While fruits and veggies are at low cost, buy in quantities, cut them, wash them, drain them and put them into Ziploc bags in the freezer for future use.
5- If you don’t have enough time to let your food marinate for 6 hours before cooking, place it in a plastic bag and let it rest in the fridge. This will accelerate the marinating process.
6- If the lemon you are trying to juice is too hard, microwave it for 15 seconds and then juice it.
7- For  a rich, creamy dressings made a bit healthier, substitute half the mayonnaise with greek yogurt.
8- When chopping herbs, use scissors instead of a knife. It’s much faster.

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