Why do you need to speed. Just today while driving to go to work I witnessed something horrible. As I was driving on a none-trafficked highway, listening to music and enjoying the huge sun despite the extreme cold weather, I saw a lady speeding. When I say speeding.. I mean really speeding. I was driving at 100Km/h and I would say she was driving at around 140Km/h. In other circumstances, she wouldn’t even attract my attention as I see speeding people on daily basis, but the fact that she had her young child in the back car seat just made me feel so worried and mad at her in the same time. Is it possible, that me, the stranger in the other car would care about that child more than his own mother?

Not too long after that incident, on the same highway traffic started to be visible which was sort of weird at that time of the day. Half an hour later, to my saddest surprise, I saw many police cars and ambulances slowing the traffic. I look to my left, to see the red car the lady was driving fully crushed into another car. Both cars were totally wasted. The only thing that came to my mind was that little human being sitting in the back. Did he make it? Is he still alive? Is he hurt? Is he dead? I will never know. I found myself crying my eyes out, talking to myself and screaming while no one could hear me.

Why do we need to speed? On top of hurting myself, I could hurt someone else whose only bad luck was that he shared the same street at the same time. I can’t take the accident image out of my head…this could’ve been me with one of my kids in the other car. Please, be responsible.  Care for yourself and care about the others. That other person may be nothing to you but could be everything to someone else. If you are in a hurry, slow down to make sure you will get there…speeding doesn’t guarantee your arrival on time…It actually doesn’t guarantee your arrival at all.

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